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At Artemis Cycles, we understand that the world of online buying is vast. Cycling equipment has plummeted in price at the same time skyrocketing. This has lead to a number of companies offering vastly different prices across the net. When you can buy bike parts from large online companies such as Chain Reaction or Wiggle, hell, even China these days, why buy from Artemis? Well here are 5 things that we do differently to stand out from the crowd.


We are a small independent company that started up and is still running as a mobile bicycle mechanic down in Plymouth. As a small business, we can source our products from a number of places getting the best prices which get passed onto you as the customer. It also means that each order put through our website is checked over and over to ensure that the item is in good condition, of great quality and meets the customer’s expectations.

For the Customers, not the Investors

ARtemis Cycles


We do our utmost to get the product price to the best price possible for our customers. We offer a guarantee that the product described on our website is the product you will get in the post. When you order something from China, we all know it is more of a gamble, don’t you think?


We don’t currently offer a Price Match option due to our prices being the best price possible for our customers. However, we do know that many of the larger companies do offer such a service. It may mean we will lose out on business but we will happily help you find the right product for you at the best price, even if that means sending you to one of our competitors.


We pride our company on the best customer service possible. The biggest difference between us and the big boys is that we offer a personal and bespoke service. If you have an issue then you can speak to a real person who will do their utmost to make sure that you get the best for you, not us. A smaller team of people means that your question or concern won’t get lost in communication, it will be dealt with as soon as possible, that’s our promise!


In light of recent trends, we are hoping as a smaller business in the world of multi-corporate companies, to remain a small and independent company working for the benefit of our customers, not our investors.

I hope that these five points have made you consider using Artemis next time you are after a new piece of cycling equipment. As always we are here to support you and your hobby of cycling whether it be mountain biking or road bike, we don’t care here.

If you have any comments on this article then feel free to express your thoughts, concerns and feedback using the following contact details.



Chris, the owner, operator, mechanic and founder of Artemis Cycles.

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