Who are we?

A mobile bicycle workshop operating in the following highlighted areas…

Focus on the ride, not the bike

What do we do?

Artemis Cycles was founded in 2011 to fill a much needed gap in the market.

As the founder, Chris, he realised thatalthough there are lots of bike shops located around major cities in the area, there are lots of people who would struggle to get to them.

How many times have you had something wrong with your bike where you are unable to ride to the local bike shop and had to some how get your muddy bike in the back of the car and try and find somewhere to park by your nearest bike shop only to find it will take 2/3 weeks to be finnished?

With Artemis Cycles we bring the shop to you!

Meet the Team

How we operate

Bringing the local bike shop to you means that it takes out a large part of the inconvienance out of getting your bike fixed and serviced.

With our mobile friendly website, you are able to book a service slot online and wait for the mechanic to come to you. Meaning you dont even have to leave the house or worry about waiting weeks for your bike to be fixed.

You have your bike repaired and serviced right on your door step or even work place!